Women professionals increase their productivity
with the Transcendental Meditation® technique

Stress Reduction

Stress management is a key component of many companies’ wellness agendas. With the Transcendental Meditation program, stress is not managed, it is tangibly reduced. Without that, other ways of increasing productivity are either less effective or impossible to implement. Unfortunately many companies offer programs that have not been effective, and do not have any research backing them. The TM® program, when introduced into companies, creates effective reductions in organizational stress. For example, the Transcendental Meditation program, often recommended as a relaxation technique to high blood pressure patients, proved to be effective at reducing organizations stress during a study in a high security government agency. See that meditation stress research study here.

There are endless philosophies, programs, tools and theories about creating success in a healthy work environment. For example, Kaizen, a Japanese term that literally translates into meaning "good change" is sometimes implemented in the business world as part of something called LEAN thinking, through which companies eliminate waste and improve productivity. Within LEAN, Kaizen refers to a process of continuous improvement, where by a company regularly self analyzes their own processes and improves upon them. Another example of a popular approach is from Steven Covey’s Time Management Matrix. Steven Covey is the author of the best-selling book “7 Habits of Highly Effective People”.

The most effective universally applicable technique that has been scientifically verified to increase productivity, reduce health care costs and absenteeism, and increase focus and creativity, is the TM program. For further information, endorsements, and insight into how TM practice fulfills our goals as businesswomen or women professionals, please visit our dedicated site: www.TMwomenProfessionals.org

“Business is hectic—there is never enough time to do everything on the list, and it’s always a challenge to balance work and home. Yet I’ve helped to build several companies and maintained a wonderful family life. I’m convinced my Transcendental Meditation practice is responsible for so much of that.

The TM technique is natural, easy and enjoyable. On a daily basis it has given me a way to recharge my creativity, sharpen my focus, boost my energy, calm my nerves, and sustain me. Over the years, I’ve become less an aggressive, hard-edged businesswoman and more a balanced, thoughtful leader. I recommend taking the TM course as a gift to yourself and to all those around you.”

— Carole Couture has held senior management positions—including president, CEO, COO, EVP—at a host of leading companies.


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